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last update 4.6.17

Check for team changes in your Division

All future BPL meetings and AGM’s will now be held at the Queens Head, Fishponds Rd, Eastville. We would like to thank George and his staff at the Pied Horse for all their support over the years.

Proposals for the AGM are now in and will be available to view from July’s league meeting. The AGM will take place on Thursday July 20 at the Queens Head, Eastville, 8pm.

This year’s Presentation night will be held at the Three Crowns, but this is fully dependent on the long term future of the venue. The intention is to showcase the Singles and Ladies Finals.

Next season’s registration forms are now available and should be submitted no later than August’s league meeting. This is to give the Committee the best chance to re-organise the new season. Forms will be rejected and excluded if they are not complete and with fees.
Teams that attend July’s AGM will once again receive free registration for next season, saving £20.

The new play off format begins this month, and the fixtures are now online.
The first named team will play at home in the semis, with the finals being played at the Three Crowns. Winners will gain promotion and receive medals.

We are happy to announce that All Stars Sports Club in Clifton have agreed to sponsor our Three Person Team competition. The semi finals and final will be played on the afternoon of Sunday November 12. This date does clash with both the national Champion of Champions and BAPTO comps, so bear this in mind before entering.
Entry forms should be returned at the July 6 league meeting with all entry fees.

Competition Finals Day and Night matches may be played to the 60 second time rule. This will be left to the organisers’ discretion.

Please use the BPL website wherever possible, as it provides up to date info, and league documents for you to download. This will save the league money in postage and printing costs etc. Do not hesitate to contact the Website author if you think you have spotted a mistake.

Please make every effort to attend League meetings to submit your physical scorecards and subscriptions, as losing valuable points could be costly in the long run. Failure to attend regularly could mean expulsion from the league. Meetings are held between 7.00 and 8.30pm on the first Thursday of every month at the Queens Head.

In an attempt to reduce our overheads, we have introduced an Email Information Service to provide members with monthly updates.
To help reduce costs, we would like members to subscribe to this Service. The email attachment will be identical to the book that team Captains/Secretaries have previously received by post, and will be available to all league members, not just Captains/Secretaries.
We fully understand that not everyone has access to the internet and email, so for those few teams the book will still be available by post.
Apart from the cost reduction, other advantages will be that the book will be available just a few days after the monthly league meeting, rather than the 11 days it now takes. Any mistakes that arise can be instantly corrected by sending a revised book. Any other information can be easily sent, eg, reminders of important dates such as league meetings and AGM's.
To add your name to the Service, simply send an email to bristolpoolleague(at)btinternet.com
Please include the word “Pool” in the subject line, and in the message box leave your name, team name(s), and whether you are Captain or Secretary of your team, or that you are just a playing member of your team(s). You will receive an email shortly after to confirm your inclusion in the Service.

The Three Crowns have announced “happy hours” of pool. Weekdays between 12pm - 5pm, £3.50 per hour. Nights between 7pm - 11.30pm, £18. Weekends all day 12pm - 5pm, £18. Thursdays 6pm - 11pm, FREE POOL!!!!
£7 hourly rate. Each Tuesday, buy one hour of pool, get another one free! Two pizza's and all night pool £25 from 7pm.


Every year there are numerous team changes throughout the season. Keep checking the list below for your Division's changes, as mistakes cannot be rectified.

Wednesday Division Three
9.10.16 - Team 2 is now the Flowerpot, Kingswood.

Wednesday Division Five
5.3.17 - Team 8, Golden Lion are out, now a Free date.
5.2.17 - Team 2, Rose & Crown are out, now a Free date.
5.2.17 - Team 3, Greyhound are out, now a Free date.
5.2.17 - Team 6, Frencheys are out, now a Free date.
9.10.16 - Team 2, is now the Rose & Crown, Kingswood.

Sunday Division Two
5.2.17 - Team 5 is now the Queens Head, Eastville.

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