updated 10.6.18

  Play off dates & results

   Finals to be played on Wednesday June 6, with the first named team playing at home.

Wednesday Division Two - June 6

Old Bank 3-5 Lebeqs Tavern

Semi Finals
Old Bank 5-3 Mechanics Maniacs
Lebeqs Tavern 5-2 Warwick Arms

Wednesday Division Three - June 6

All Stars Allsorts 5-3 Left Turn Clyde

Semi Finals
Essex Arms 3-5 Left Turn Clyde
All Stars Allsorts 5-4 Sturminster Pool

Wednesday Division Four - June 6

Foresters Ferrets 5-4 Red Lioners

Semi Finals
Star 3-6 Red Lioners
Freemasons 2-5 Foresters Ferrets

Wednesday Division Five - June 6

Trout Tavern 1-5 Sportsman C

Semi Finals
Trout Tavern 5-0 Portcullis Imoks
Sportsman C 5-4 Kings Arms Killer Bees

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