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last update 5.3.17

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Semi Finals to be played at the Three Crowns. Draw to be made on the night at 8pm.

Quarter Final draw

winners in  RED

  Old Mail House v. Three Crowns Lions
  Tap & Barrel v. Begbrook Beavers
  Bulldog v. Clyde Big Shots
  Little Stoke SC v. Bye

Preliminary Round draw

  Kings Arms Kasuals v. Clyde Big Shots
  Patchway Sports v. All Stars
  Three Crowns C v. Begbrook Beavers
  Three Crowns Lions v. Three Crowns Cannibals
  Little Stoke SC v. Three Crowns B
  Tap & Barrel v. Sturminster Intruders
  Bulldog v. Bye
  Old Mail House v. Bye


Winner of match 1 v. winner of match 2, winner of match 3 v. winner of match 4, and so on.

DIVISION ONE; Quarter Final draw

 1.    Three Crowns B v. Bye
 2.    Sturminster Intruders v. Three Crowns Cannibals
 3.    Clyde Big Shots v. Three Crowns Lions
 4.    Begbrook Beavers v. Three Crowns C

DIVISION TWO; Quarter Final draw

 1.    Kings Arms Kasuals v. Bye
 2.    Tap & Barrel v. Bye
 3.    Bulldog v. Little Stoke SC
 4.    Queens Head v. Old Mail House

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